MTB Font de Aixa

Rough trails and pure driving fun

MTB tour Font de Aixa

The starting point for this mountain bike tour is Javea. From our starting point, we start in a relaxed pace in the direction of Montgo, the local mountain of Javea. Below this rugged rock formation our route takes us on backroads, forest paths and small trails through undulating terrain. After a while we reach the entrance to the Muntanya de Pedreguer. A narrow path leads us past a spring and will take us uphill. The ride takes us through a canyon-like landscape, rugged rock massifs rise on both sides.

Arriving at the top, there is a great view of the surrounding mountains. There are a few pines scattered around, which provides a hint of shade, otherwise there are only small bushes and limestone rock. However, we didn’t come up here to experience great vegetation, but to rock the trails this mountain is hiding. After a few meters we reach the entrance of the downhill passage. A rugged nature trail with sharp turns and cliffs lies ahead of us.

On the way down we find ourselves riding on loose rubble and slippery ground. Relaxed riding sections follow only after we have left the trail. A short flat asphalt section allows us to catch our breath before we get to the next climb. First on asphalt then followed by a dirt road with gravel and loose debris – it’s no shame to push your bike up here. As a reward, the next trail is ahead of us; we follow the path down – over limestone sediments – into the dried-up riverbed of Gata de Gorgos. Now it is time for a well-deserved break with cold drinks and if you want, you can also have a bite to eat.

There is more trail fun to come on our way back to Javea. Up and down it goes towards the riverbed. From here, it’s an easy last bit towards the point where we have started the day.

Breaks for drinks and/or photos can be customized.


Duration3 hrs. 45 min.
Distance50 km
Altitude gainapprox. 750 m

Elevation profile


without rental bike, p.p.

€ 40,–

Tour start

Tour start

April – September 09.00 a.m.
October – March 10.00 a.m.



In the indicated duration no breaks are considered, the total duration including breaks is longer. Do not underestimate the solar radiation even in winter, please do not forget sun cream.



For the mountain bike tours we recommend to bring solid shoes or cycling shoes, appropriate cycling clothes and in spring as well as autumn and winter, a rain jacket or a windbreaker. A helmet is a must!