Information about the MTB tours

Tour infos

Tour infos

Who are our mountain bike tours suitable for?

Everyone can ride with us first of all, prerequisite is a solid condition. Our offer includes easy tours for families, groups and clubs, up to technical trails for real experts, who don’t hesitate to face real challenges. Of course we do our best to offer every guest a suitable MTB tour. A realistic self-assessment of the cyclist’s confidence in the tour will help you to make the right choice. If you are unsure, it is best to book an easier tour first. Afterwards, if the terrain is a little familiar on site, MTB tours can be booked separately at any time.

Where do I book the MTB tours?

All tours can be booked directly on our homepage. For spontaneous tours it is possible to book a tour up to one day in advance by phone. So that the individual MTB tours are not overcrowded with participants, we recommend to book the tour(s) in advance. The ideal number of participants is between 4 – 8 persons.

What equipment is required?

If you would like to participate in our MTB tours, it is best to bring cycling clothes, cycling shoes or at least sturdy shoes, cycling gloves and, depending on the weather, rain or wind clothing, as well as a backpack with your own provisions. Absolutely indispensable is a bicycle helmet, because it exists absolute helmet obligation! Do not forget sun cream! Also in winter the sun has a lot of power on the Costa Blanca.

If you should have forgotten something, that is also no problem. Some things you get directly from us, otherwise in the bike shop around the corner.

Tour prices

Depending on the length of the tour, the price is between € 35,- and € 40,- per tour per person. The cost for the MTB tours week (5 tours) is € 190,-. Fees for rental bikes are exclusive. It only makes sense to take your own mountain bike with you if it is a high-quality bike, especially as the costs for the transfer by plane are not insignificant.

When do the MTB tours start?

Since our tour program takes place all year round, the starting times vary. From April to September we start at 9 a.m., but we are happy to start earlier because of the high temperatures (especially in July and August). From October to March we start at 10 a.m.. So that the tour can also start on time, please arrive 15 minutes before the start time at the agreed starting point – for the purpose of getting to know, short tour briefing and fine tuning at the bikes. In case of changes of the starting time or the departure place, the participants will be informed in time.

Tour length / duration

Length and level of difficulty of the MTB tours vary and are adapted to the group. Altitude meters and kilometers are not necessarily an indication of the intensity of the bike tour, but are ridden on side roads and in the terrain. The length of the tours is between 25 and 50 kilometers and approx. 450 – 1.200 metres in altitude. The duration of the mountain bike tours is about 3 – 5 hours, breaks included.

MTB tour rules

On all tours you have to wear a helmet!
In case of disregard of the helmet obligation a participant can be immediately excluded from the tour!
Total prohibition of alcohol during the whole tour!
Respect and consideration among the group participants!
Cycling shoes or sturdy footwear!
Minimum age 18 years (younger is possible only when accompanied by adults)!


If you liked the tours with us, we would be very happy about an evaluation. You can do this on our Facebook page and/or Tripadvisor. Of course we also accept constructive criticism, because we are always anxious to improve our offers and services. After all, we want satisfied guests who enjoy the MTB tours and who would like to come back or recommend us to others.

Do you have any further questions? Please send us an e-mail and we will answer as soon as possible.