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Tour Program

Here you can see an overview of our guided MTB tours for you. So you have the most important key data of the individual tours immediately. Our mountain bike tours range from simple routes for beginners, with only a few metres of altitude, to challenging routes with plenty of altitude difference for sporty cyclists, who often ride mountain bike and control it well. Surely we have the right tour for every mountain biker.

Of course, we are also very flexible to customize the majority of the MTB tours we offer. If less or more terrain is desired, some routes can be changed to that effect, and the same applies to the altitude difference.

On request we can also arrange individual mountain bike tours for you. Write us how you imagine your individual MTB tour and we will make you a suggestion.

Choose your skill level


– Level S0 –

The forest paths and single trails are fairly easy to ride. The surface consists of natural ground with good grip or consolidated gravel. There are no obstacles such as steps, rocks or roots. The route is slightly undulating with sweeping bends.
This level can be mastered without special riding skills.


– Level S1 –

Smaller obstacles such as roots or stones are to be expected, and the track is partly unconsolidated.
From this level, basic riding skills are required. The slightly more challenging sections, some of which are ridden standing up, require body shifting and controlled braking.


– Level S2 –

Expect to encounter larger obstacles such as roots, stones, flat ledges and steps on mostly loose ground. As some obstacles have to be overcome by shifting weight, techniques such as controlled braking and shifting the centre of gravity are essential.


– Level S3 –

Category 3 includes steep descents on slippery ground and blocky single trails with large boulders. Very good bike control, precise braking and good balance are required to master these trails. Expect sharp bends and loose scree.

At a glance

Tour overview

 Tour Starting point Distance Altitude gain Fitness Technique* Movie
 Riu Gorgos Jávea 35 250 low S0 0
 Sierra Aixorta Castell de Castells 30 1,080 high S0 0
 Vall de Ebo Vall de Ebo 38 950 medium S0 0
 Vall de Laguar Parcent 38 1,150 high S1 0
 Riu Serpis Villalonga 50 1,150 high S1 0
 Cumbre del Sol Jávea 38 880 medium S1 0
 Sierra Olta Benissa 45 970 high S1 0
 Vall de Pop Benissa 52 1,000 medium S1 0
 Tossal Gros Jávea 43 1,100 high S2 0
 Barranc de l’Infern Beniarbeig 42 700 medium S2 0
 Font de La Mata Jávea 55 900 medium S2 0
 Gurugú Jávea 36 720 medium S2 0
 Tossal Sendra Beniarbeig 42 920 high S2 0
 Puig Campana Altea 40 900 high S3 0
 Sierra Olta Trails Calpe 36 1,100 high S3 0
 Sierra Solana Benissa 38 950 high S3 0
 Font de Aixa Jávea 50 750 high S3 0
 Barranc dels Pouets Jávea 50 800 high S3 0